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About Genvid, L.L.C


Genvid, L.L.C.


About Genvid L.L.C.

Genvid L.L.C.'s mission is to expand peoples' understanding of Japanese pop-culture outside Asia, particularly in the English-speaking world. Our staff includes award-winning Japan specialists, lawyers, Japanese pop journalists, and PhD students.

Genvid L.L.C.'s first project is the Warriors of Legend series. The focus of this project is a series of books on the hit Japanese series Sailor Moon.

Genvid's staff also manages the fan website, The Sailor Moon Soapbox, which was started in 2003 with a mission parallel to the Warriors of Legend series: to be both entertaining as well as a source of knowledge. The site performs translations of current Sailor Moon news, runs editorials, and features comics and parodies.

Why found a company to put out books?

When you are dealing with Japanese licensors and publishing companies, it is foolhardy to attempt to negotiate a license as an individual. In order to be taken seriously, one must have a company, with the proper credentials (business cards, etc.) that this entails. Thus, Genvid L.L.C. was created.

Upkeep of the company is expensive, however. We have to pay taxes, server costs, printing costs, etc. Any slight profits made from the book will foremost be put back into covering expenses, then used to fund future works in the pipeline.  We really need your help, then, in getting Reflections of Japan off the ground. Please consider joining one of our campaigns, and buying one or more copies of the book.

Who worked on Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon?

Genvid L.L.C.’s managers, Jay Navok and Sushil K. Rudranath were the primary writers and researchers of this book. However, the book could not have been written without the following Genvid staff:

Bruce Clark, who did an immense amount of transcription, video screencaps, continuity checking, and other work.

Andrew Floyd, who further contributed translations and performed continuity checking.

Jonathan Mays, our great editor who worked hard behind the scenes to get this work known and turn it from a bunch of documents into an actual “book.”

Hans Schumacher, far and away one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to Sailor Moon, Tokyo cartography, and many other subjects.

We would also like to thank Yosenex Orengo  for taking nearly all of the beautiful photographs of Tokyo you see in the book.

Ian Miller and Jennifer Short contributed essays for the Warriors of Legend series, and while they do not appear in Reflections of Japan, we hope to see them in print in the future.