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Warriors of Legend Christmas Campaign
Jay Navok - 12/03/05

With the coming of the 12th month brings a chill to the Tokyo air, but also some fun lights and decorations throughout the city. With the coming of the 12th month of 2005 also comes an important turning point for our project. The goal is to send a marketing proposal to Barnes and Noble by the end of the month outlining why they should carry Warriors of Legend in their stores.

To do that we need, among other things, a couple of professional reviews. (It's a requirement for application.) We have one from Neo UK, and AnimeNewsNetwork may give us another, but more magazine reviews are necessary. If you have suggestions for magazines that do book reviews and you think would take on a book like this, please let us know ASAP.

Another thing we need to do is show them that the book caters to a wide audience; basically, we need to prove to them that a Sailor Moon-related product is still a viable commodity. Steady sales since release are important; if it was just a whole lot of books sold in May and then nothing after that, it'd indicate to them that there's only a small core fanbase left. However, surprising even us, sales have been very steady and even increased somewhat since the summer. We need this momentum to continue through to the end of the month because we need to send them our sales figures.

Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of the times we're unveiling our Warriors of Legend: Christmas Campaign. Complete with fun logo:

Feel free to spread the joy with this image.

If you haven't written a review at Amazon, we ask you to please do so. Help make this a December to remember (and a festivus for the rest-of-us) by getting the book if you haven't already.

Since we don't want anyone upset if they order and the book doesn't come until after the New Year, we want to point out that if you want the book to arrive in time for Christmas (or Hannukah, which starts December 25th this year) it's important to order early. Keep in mind that WoL is print-on-demand which means there's no "stock" of it; the book takes time to print, and that means it doesn't always ship in that 24 hour timespan that Amazon gives. It could take considerably longer depending on which of the Booksurge printing centers is nearest you. Also, Booksurge's printers may have queues due to other Christmas orders. So the sooner the better.