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The Warriors of Legend Internet Campaign

The internet is the front line of our battle to make the Warriors of Legend Project a success. It's not a war we can win on our own, though, and we need your help to spread the word about the book across the net.

There are two strategies we have in the web campaign.

The first, our Warriors of Legend Support Team, recruits those who run websites or have organizations and are willing to spread the word about the book. From something as simple as mentioning the book on your page and linking to here, to just putting up banner ads, these small measures can make a big difference.

If you have the capability, then, we're urging you to join our Warriors of Legend Support Team. To thank those who do help us create a buzz about the Project, we've set up a Support Team that features people/organizations that mention us. If you have a site and mention us, just let us know and we'll link back to you.  More information is available at the Support Team webpage.

The second strategy is also very important and something that those who don't have a page can contribute to. We need you to post about Warriors of Legend at communication boards, from forums to newsgroups to chatbox. All you have to do is start a thread mentioning the book at whatever relevant forums you belong to (try to make sure no one else has done it first, of course), and you've instantly created something that helps the project out and perhaps will find people who are interested in the book but may otherwise have not known about it.

The best boards to hit are anime, manga, video game, or Japan related ones. "Java Joe's Coffee Bean Discussion Board" probably won't have too many Sailor Moon fans around, although maybe someone will be caffeinated enough to order the book on a whim. That extremely unlikely exception aside, we don't want to annoy people so it'd be best to focus on places that you think might have people interested in the project.

So please, help spread Warriors of Legend: go through your bookmarks and let people know about it!

If you need some assistance in thinking of what to say, here's a basic template of the points you want to hit (think of yourself as a volunteer in an election campaign):

-Warriors of Legend is a book that looks at what's Japanese in Sailor Moon. Unlike most of what's been published on Sailor Moon, and indeed most books related to Japan and anime, it's not a book about the "phenomenon" of Japanese pop culture. We don't look at what's "anime in Tokyo," we're looking at what's "Tokyo in anime."

-The book goes beyond shallow stereotypes of Japan ("people study a lot," "people are very polite") and talks about the more intricate Japanese history, culture, and society that one can find in an anime/manga series. It will teach you many new things about Japan, from local Tokyo legends to the dynamics of urban festivals.

Feel free to link to a banner (available at the Support Team page) and be sure to link to warriorsoflegend.com too.

Thank you so much!

If you've posted about this site in places, be sure to brag about it in the forums!