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The Warriors of Legend Library Campaign

Libraries are a fantastic resource for the project; not only will they boost the number of books in circulation, but hopefully, people who pick up the book will consider getting a copy for themselves. In addition to contributing to Sailor Moon's presence across the continent and elsewhere, we see it as spreading the view that anime isn't just something for kids, that it's a mature hobby that can be as educational as it is fun.

Pretty much every public library has a way for its members to request the library order a book. This is a free service, and while it may take a few months for a request to go through red tape, all it requires is that you fill out a form with what book you'd like the library to get.

Please note that this is different from an "Inter-Library Loan." You're not requesting to borrow the book, but rather, that you want the library to get the book for its own holdings.

Many libraries will have these types of forms on their website, but if not, just stop by your library sometime this week and ask them how to go about things. Once you get the form, fill it out, hand it in, and you've made a big contribution to the project.

You may be asked for certain ordering information. Here's data that may be useful:

Title: Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon
Author: Jay Navok and Sushil K. Rudranath
Publisher: Booksurge, L.L.C.
Date: 2005
ISBN: 1-4196-0814-2
Library of Congress Call Number: 2005903976