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Warriors of Legend News Archive

UPDATE - 7/20/06 - The tour diary is now online. Please take a look. We'd like to thank those who joined us for a wonderful tour.

UPDATE - 5/24/06 - Please look forward to a tour diary, containing pictures, videos, and memories of the trip, this July!

NEWS - 4/20/06 - Genvid L.L.C. Announces Warriors of Legend Tour is Sold Out.

UPDATE - 2/13/06- The pricing for the Warriors of Legend tour is set; read all about it.

NEWS - 1/07/05 - ASO Radio, an online anime radio program, has reviewed Warriors of Legend. We received their Top Recommendation! Please check it out! Episode #84, about 71 minutes in.

We're also currently on the homepage of our publisher, Booksurge Publishing, as one of their best sellers!

NEWS - 12/03/05 - A whole lot of things to catch up on. First off, have you heard about the Warriors of Legend Tour? If not, read all about it!

Secondly, we're unveiling our Christmas campaign. Details here.

Third, site news: our forums and e-mail were reset. Thus all forums posts were deleted; we're really sorry about that. Also, if you sent us an e-mail between mid-September and mid-November, please resend it because we did not receive it! Sorry!

Fourth, if you tried ordering the book recently at Amazon and got a cancellation notice, please let us know right away!

Fifth, be sure to check out Grace's Warriors of Legend fanlisting!

NEWS - 9/16/05 - Neo Magazine UK (available at Barnes and Noble in the United States) has reviewed Warriors of Legend. The book received 4 out of 5 stars, as well as the issue's "Hot Pick" award! Be sure to pick up the September issue (#11) to read the full review, or click on the comments page to read highlights from it.

NEWS - 8/05/05 - Warriors of Legend is available direct from Amazon now! You can get free shipping with $25 orders. We're also available at Amazon UK!

SITE UPDATE - 7/25/05 - Comments page has been updated! If we missed something that you said and you'd like it to be added, please let us know.

NEWS - 7/25/05 - Everything is a-okay with Second Edition so we're locked and loaded. Enjoy!

NEWS - 7/15/05 - The Second Edition version of Warriors of Legend is now available for order at Amazon and Booksurge. Please note that we have not had a chance to look at a printed copy yet, and will update here to confirm that everything's okay when one arrives on Monday.

NEWS - 7/11/05 - WoL will be offline for a day or two as the manuscript is tweaked. (It may still be on Amazon but your order will not ship until the new manuscript is accepted by Booksurge.) The few typos that have been fixed can be found here. You'll know you have the corrected version because the book will say Second Edition on the information page. First Edition is now a collector's item of sorts.

The delay will hopefully be only a day or two. We'll update again when everything is ready. Thank you so much for your patience.

Comments page will be updated soon.

SITE ADDITION - 6/25/05 - Comments page is now up!

NEWS - 6/25/05 - Warriors of Legend mentioned on Websnark. If you've seen WoL mentioned somewhere, or have mentioned it on your own page and would like to be added to the Support Team, please let us know!

NEWS - 6/3/05 - Warriors of Legend mentioned on Ain't It Cool News and Animation Insider.

NEWS - 5/31/05 - Earlier today Warriors of Legend broke the Top 3,000 books sold at Amazon.com! Thank you for your support!

NEWS - 5/27/05 - You can now order Warriors of Legend through Amazon.com!

NEWS - 5/26/05 - Press coverage of this book has been amazing. We are delighted and grateful for making ICv2's lead article. We would also like to thank Akadot, Anime News Network, Toon Zone, and The Otaku for covering us within the last 24 hours. And there is plenty more to come.

We are aware of the issues with international shipping and are trying to find our many international readers cheaper alternatives than Booksurge. Check out the press release.