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Warriors of Legend Third Edition

Ever write a paper and then, a couple months later, look over it again and think to yourself that you could have written this or that better a slightly different way, or come over a grammatical mistake you missed when you first wrote that? Imagine that scenario, but with a book, and that a whole year has passed.

One of the benefits of self-publishing is that when you come into situations like this, you can actually update the manuscript accordingly. It's now October 2006 and over the two years since we first wrote the Warriors of Legend manuscript, we've learned a lot of new and exciting things about Japan and the Sailor Moon series, and taken a lot more pictures. Most of this is going to go into the Warriors of Legend sequel, but we wanted to update Reflections of Japan to make sure it met our standards of accuracy.

The edits are minor, for grammatical or clarification purposes. None of them substantially change the text; the biggest change is that we mis-captioned one image. If you own first or second edition, you're not going to miss anything with third edition. But for those just coming across the Warriors of Legend project, we wanted you to know that the version out now is the best we can make it- unless we find something major, we anticipate no further changes to the manuscript.

This text file contains a list of changes. We've also changed eight images in Third Edition. Most of them are the same location at a slightly better angle. One we changed completely; instead of the Ebara Shinto Shrine we now have an image of Sea Fort Square.

Thanks for your interest and support of the project! We hope you like the book.